West Tennessee Heart & Vascular Center

A Center That Needed Definition

Jackson-Madison County General Hospital treats more heart attack patients than any other hospital in Tennessee and has a Chest Pain Center accredited at the highest level, but Younger Associates research showed that West Tennesseans were not aware of the hospital’s high quality heart care, with state-of-the-art technology and cutting edge procedures. Younger Associates developed a comprehensive marketing plan to brand West Tennessee Heart and Vascular Center as the premier heart and vascular center it is, beginning with production of a logo that integrated their parent organization’s design with a focus on the heart.

At the same time, YA generated website copy for WTHVC as part of a 1,200-page website YA built for the parent organization, West Tennessee Healthcare.

Graphic Design

WTHVC Print Advertising

After developing messaging that highlighted the features of WTHVC that set them apart from their competitors, YA produced a series of ads and brochures to bring clarity to the center’s many services.

A quarterly newsletter further branded WTHVC for hospital employees and referring physicians, and promotion of a one-call number made their services more accessible. 

WTHVC “Heart Healthy Recipes” Book

WTHVC is passionate about health education, so Younger Associates worked with the hospital's nutritionist and heart and vascular physicians, who showed up in the kitchen to create their favorite heart-healthy recipes for this project.

WTHVC Testimonial Campaign

Community awareness ads were created for heart and vascular procedures such as the TAVR heart valve replacement and other minimally invasive heart surgeries. Patients graciously shared their stories to help provide information and encouragement to those who may be facing similar healthcare choices.

Broadcast Media

WTHVC “Complete Cardiovascular Care” Video

Jackson-Madison County General Hospital is home to the West Tennessee Heart and Vascular Center and provides complete cardiovascular care in one location. The rebranding awareness and capabilities video ran throughout the west Tennessee television viewing area.

Survive Don’t Drive

The 'Survive, Don't Drive' spot communicates call 911 instructions to clearly inform and encourage services that provide rapid treatment from an accredited chest pain center with the highest level of accreditation.