Jackson Chamber, Tourism, & Economic Development

An Opportunity To Create A Unified Identity

Jackson, Tennessee is a hub for the nine-county region between Memphis and Nashville. Education, healthcare, accessibility and amenities make it a perfect location for business and industry. The city of Jackson swells with daytime population—part of the reason for its recent economic growth, but also a contributor to a lack of solid identity. 

With enthusiastic, progressive leadership, Jackson's Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development and Tourism sought a unifying brand that reflected the city’s unique qualities. Younger Associates partnered with Jackson-based web design/developers and user experience experts Sodium Halogen, to develop a comprehensive set of long-term solutions for the client.  The team conducted a series of focus groups with local leadership to identify Jackson’s best qualities and current challenges.  Through the focus group process, the concept of “connecting” began to emerge. Jackson seems to specialize in allowing people to plug into work and social networks, engaging new and long-term residents alike with ease. With that in mind, the “Connect Here” brand was born.

Branding & Logos

Jackson Chamber Logo

An identifying logo was developed, with iterations for use by the City of Jackson, Jackson Chamber, Jackson Tourism and Economic Development. The logos present a unified brand to the public and to potential investors in the community.

Broadcast Media

Jackson TN Connect Here

Younger Associates scripted and produced a 4-minute video, showcasing the best of what Jackson has to offer. The video was further modified for use as a 30-second television advertisement.