Denton County Transportation Authority Branding

Brand And Market Transportation Services

The Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) provides rail, bus and on-demand commuter service for the Dallas suburb of Denton County, Texas. DCTA needed a unified look for all of their materials, from passenger information guides to station signage to the trains and buses themselves.

DCTA needed to convey the agency’s presence and legitimacy as a transit alternative in their region. Younger Associates conducted market research, provided graphic design, web development, social media, and media buying services to DCTA. These projects utilized a consistent design aesthetic and presented a professional look that engaged and informed their target market. 

Younger Associates has also provided strategic marketing and communications consultation as it relates to the authority’s branding and imaging campaign for the project. Younger Associates built a website specifically for the construction project.

To increase ridership on DCTA’s commuter service into downtown Dallas when ozone season was at its peak and gas prices were soaring, we conducted a targeted e-mail campaign.  The campaign resulted in a 28% increase in ridership on that service, an example of our firm’s commitment to using the power of internet-based communication for our clients.

Graphic Design

DCTA Focus Groups

The DCTA campaign began with research to determine the best direction for branding a unified presence. Younger Associates conducted focus groups and gathered demographic data on users and their needs and patterns. Design direction and methods of delivery were carefully determined. Our goal is to increase efficiency, we will work with you to help solve problems and work within limited resources and budgets.

DCTA Collaterial Print

Overall marketing design included coordinated informational print collateral for station sites and passenger use. Brochures, maps, passes, print ads and outdoor boards all communicated a targeted message, designed to communicate, educate and inform.

A postcard mail campaign was launched to inform customers of new transit alternatives with the introduction of the A train. Mail campaigns can be targeted to specific demographics and geographic areas. Younger Associates is CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certified and mailing addresses are verified with the United States Postal Service using NCOA processing (National Change of Address). These services decrease your postage expense and ensure timely delivery.

Web Media

DCTA Website

DCTA Reponds To User Trends With Responsive Design

Based upon DCTA’s experience with our capabilities, level of customer service and timely technical support, Younger Associates was selected to build a new site for the entire Denton County Transportation Authority. 

The extensive site incorporates many of the latest online functionalities such as:

  • Password Protected File Transfer Protocol
  • E-mail newsletter/Rider Alert Distribution
  • E-commerce – two separate sections for general users and an area for students
  • Integration of social networking platforms Facebook and Twitter
  • Compliance with ADA Regulations
  • Content Management System
  • Online Forms
  • Google Transit integration

Responsive Web Design can be seen in a website that adjusts to fit desktop, tablet or smartphones with no loss of readability or access for the user. Visit on the device of your choice to see how this works. Responsive websites simplify internet marketing and SEO.

Social Engagement

Facebook Likes Campaign

DCTA needed to reach people on the move - giving them a better alternate to get where they wanted to go, faster, smarter and more economically. With a conservative social media budget, DCTA was able to reach more than 41,193 views and resulted in 891 new likes on their Facebook page in eleven days.

DCTA surpassed larger transit agencies for overall Facebook likes.

Outdoor Graphics

DCTA Station Icons

DCTA Station Icons were created for location destinations. Icon identification quickly communicated locations from map to station to destination.

DCTA Train Wrap

DCTA Train Wrap Design carried consistent branding onto the tracks.

Denton County Transportation Authority Busses and Trains were branded with consistent color schemes and uniform design elements to clearly identify A-train service.