Commercial Bank & Trust Website & Marketing Campaign

Graphic Design

Commercial Bank Postcard

Commercial Bank campaign included a targeted direct mail postcard mailout.

Commercial Bank Newspaper Ad

Newspaper ad for A Name You Can Trust campaign reinforced and echoed the television and direct mail messaging.

Broadcast Media

CBTC-30 Second Spot

Commercial Bank & Trust emphasizes 'Trust' and hometown advantages as part of their branding identity.

Web Media

Commercial Bank Online Ad

A Name You Can Trust web ad invited visitors to both the website and their Facebook page.

Commercial Bank Responsive Website

Banking online has never looked so good

Commercial Bank and Trust is a community bank that has catered to personal and small business financial needs since 1877. They have ten branches located throughout Memphis, Paris, Union City, and Jackson, Tennessee. They understood that banking is changing, becoming more mobile and they needed to adapt to the needs of their customers. Customers now utilize banking on mobile, tablets and PCs and the bank needed a platform that would best accommodate customers’ online banking habits.

Younger Associates responded by designing and developing a responsive website that would adapt and be accessible on devices from desktops, to smartphones to tablets without loss of readability or function. The updated site now offers an easy to view, easy to navigate responsive design, mobile friendly version that allows customers to handle their banking needs no matter what device they choose.   

Mobile App Ad Campagin

Custom bank app provides a trusted method for direct deposit on the go.