Transportation Planning

Younger Associates is uniquely qualified to contribute to transportation and infrastructure projects. Our team of transportation project specialists understands federal and state requirements. With extensive experience in analyzing economic impacts, we apply our sound methodology to assess the viability of highway, rail and multi-modal projects. Younger Associates also provides thorough research on the economic background on potentially effected populations and specializes in public involvement for diverse populations.

We take a creative approach in enhancing and encouraging public involvement in transportation and infrastructure projects. We believe that creating dialogue on a particular project is best done with strategic combinations of both traditional and non-traditional means. Engaging the public requires an intensive understanding of the shareholders and the implications of the project on their lives.

We focus on reaching groups that are often underserved and underrepresented such as minority, low-income households and persons who are unable to own or operate a vehicle, such as children, the elderly and disabled, single mothers and those with Limited English Proficiency (LEP).

As part of our public involvement efforts, Younger Associates has developed project websites, multimedia applications, print material (including billboards, flyers and posters) and media saturation strategies. Some of our creative solutions have involved the development of online games, focused toward encouraging public input.

Transportation projects in which the firm has played a role include:

  • Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization Southeast Area Study
  • TDOT I-24 Multimodal Corridor Study
  • Desoto New Era of Discovery Stewardship Plan
  • U.S. 45 Bypass Proposed Southern Extension
  • I-69 Transit Alternatives
  • TDOT SR-18 (Bolivar, TN to SR-100) Existing Economic Condititions & Economic Impact Report
  • Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) Long-Range Transportation Plan (25-year multi-modal plan)
  • Cates Landing Port Economic Impact Analysis
  • Port of Memphis Economic Impact Analysis
  • Star Landing Corridor Impact Analysis (Mississippi)
  • Memphis Multi-modal Superterminal Feasibility Study
  • TDOT Clean-Air Campaign
  • TDOT Statewide Rail Plan