Media Buying

Younger Associates assists clients and serve as their media research, media strategy and media buying department working closely with multiple media outlets.

Bottom line: we will maximize your media budget.

We have the expertise and the drive to get the most for your money. We know how to reach your target customers. We take pride in your success.

Younger Associates will analyze the best media options including traditional and non-traditional outlets based on our clients overall goals and market budget. We will prepare and present the media strategy and provide a comprehensive media budget for review. The media buys will be broken down and may be altered to continuously improve the strategy. We encourage open dialog and will work to maintain the most efficient and effective media buy.

We take pride in your success.

Younger Associates will review all media that is located in the market area including:

· Newspaper outlets

· Radio stations

· Local free publications

· Online publications

· Outdoor advertisers by geographic area

· TV and cable outlets, stations available

· Direct mail publications / coupon packs

· Chamber opportunities

· Large area events / sponsorships

· Other community events

Younger Associates will work to receive bonuses and value-added services while maintaining the overall objectives of the campaign. Once the media buys have been outlined and approved, placement will begin and all required formats and sizes will be provided for the creative.

Once we have the creative provided, Younger Associates will handle all traffic and monitor the buys once placed. Younger Associates will revisit the buys and solicit feedback to ensure that the buys are meeting the organizational goals and objectives. Effective follow-up will enhance future processes and drive ideas for additional marketing initiatives.

We understand the market and that we are targeting a specific consumer. We have the expertise to match the traditional and nontraditional communication outlets to your specific market segment.