Direct Mail

Reach your target market with direct mail. This simple marketing tool is still the most effective way to reach a specific group in today’s high-tech world.

By learning about the group you want to target, Younger Associates can develop a mailing list that will get your information in the hands of those you want to reach. Once the list is determined, we will process it through our CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certified system and verify addresses with the United States Postal Service using NCOA processing (National Change of Address). Both of these processes help decrease your postage expense and ensure timely delivery. We will also handle all of the paperwork necessary for the post office and prepare mailing according to USPS guidelines.

Reach your target marketing effectively and accurately with Younger Associates Direct Mail Services.

List Procurement

  • Consumer and/or Commercial
  • Sorted to target specific demographic characteristics
    • Examples for consumer: Age, Income Level, Pet Ownership
    • Examples for commercial: number of employees, annual sales volume
  • Sorted by geographic targets

Examples: city, county, zip code, radius around an address

All mailing lists are processed through CASS certified address correction system and duplicates are removed. This is even true of lists submitted to us by our clients.

Data Processing

  • Data entry for databases/mailing lists
  • List maintenance
  • Postal processing to obtain best postal rates
  • CASS Certification/Barcoding


Our in-house graphic design team can design direct mail pieces of all types to fit any budget and effectively deliver your marketing message. Our staff will oversee development of your direct mail piece from start to finish including pre-press production and print administration.

Mail Handling

Full service processing for all types of mailings - first class and standard/bulk mail.

Services include:

  • Label creation
  • Label affixing
  • Merging and printing of personalized letters, envelopes etc.
  • Folding, tabbing, stuffing, inserting
  • Preparation for mailing per current postal guidelines
  • CASS certification processing to obtain automated rate (lowest postal rate possible)