About YA

Younger Associates provides services to businesses, professional groups, industry, economic development entities and governments. The firm has grown and evolved into two specialized divisions staffed by experienced professionals within their field of expertise.  The market research division specializes in economic development and strategic planning.  The advertising division offers strategic marketing communications planning, public relations, media relations, website development and full service marketing materials development.


CREATIVE SERVICES - Younger Associates crafts branding messages that capitalize on the specific nuances of a client’s strengths and assets. The creative problem solving process is a collaborative effort that allows for input and open discussions. Goals and milestones are closely monitored as the solution is shaped and formed into a cohesive plan of action. Younger Associates produces all its creative work in-house. Corporate identity, print advertising, television, video, outdoor advertising, vehicular signage, event promotion, trade exhibitions, photography, web design and social media messaging are all part of our advertising/design repertoire.

VIDEO / BROADCAST | Younger Associates creates TV and video campaigns for both local and national audiences. Our team delivers carefully crafted and executed, compelling visuals that yield a big bang for most any budget.

WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT AND SEO | Younger Associates creates high profile, user friendly sites that allow clients to capitalize on their internet presence. We make sure websites not only look good but are also optimized properly for search engines and accessibility. Online content management systems can allow your business to keep content relevant without any specialized web skills. Additional services for adword campaigns and e-newsletters are also available. We can build responsive sites that auto- reformat the text and images to stack and reconfigure so the site is accessible on every device from smartphones to TV screens.

STRATEGIC MARKETING PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTATION | Younger Associates blends in-depth market knowledge and strategies with highly accomplished creative services. We have developed specialized expertise in this area and have been recognized for our work in the following areas: Healthcare, Law, Finance/Insurance, Economic Development, Community Development, Commercial Development, Media Strategy and Placement.

MEDIA BUYING | We carefully analyze budgets and define optimal opportunities for the careful allocation of these funds. We review target audiences, placement opportunities and associated costs in order to maximize the return on investment. Younger Associates' media team manages millions of dollars of media buys every year for our clients. You tell us what you want to accomplish and YA can design and implement a strategic media campaign to meet your needs.

PUBLIC RELATIONS / MEDIA RELATIONS | Do people recognize your company’s name? What is their perception of you? What if you could change or influence that perception? In today’s digital age, perception is reality and the importance of protecting and polishing your brand image cannot be overstated. At Younger Associates we specialize in creating strategic communication plans that help you effectively communicate with all of your target audiences.

SOCIAL MEDIA | So, you created a Facebook page… now what? Younger Associates is skilled in the art of making your brand relevant across all of the social media outlets. It's our job to stay up-to-date on the latest and most effective social media channels so your company can stay relevant. Through research and innovation, our campaigns build brand awareness, relationships and ultimately revenue.

DIRECT MAIL SERVICES | This simple marketing tool is still a very effective way to reach a specific group in today's high-tech world. After pinpointing your specific target audience, we develop a mailing list that gets your information directly in front of those eyes. We are CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certified and mailing addresses are verified with the United States Postal Service using NCOA processing (National Change of Address). These services decrease your postage expense and ensure timely delivery. We also handle all of the printing, the paperwork necessary for the post office and prepare mailing according to USPS.

RESEARCH | “How will my current or potential customers react to a new product or service?” or, “How will an industrial construction or expansion project impact the health of the local economy?” Finding the answers to such questions requires a wealth of knowledge, the right resources and top-notch analysis. At Younger Associates, we provide expert market insights with a combined half-century of analysis experience. Survey instrumentation and methodologies unique to each client inquiry are developed based on field expertise and exhaustive research. Our team is relentless in their pursuit of collecting the most highly accurate data. It is from this knowledge pool our analysts apply their intensive expertise to shape meaningful insights from raw information.


If you are looking for a dedicated team of professionals committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations, contact us.  It all starts with a conversation.